5 Killer keyword research tools you must use this 2018.

Adshot Media is one of the leading digital service providers running huge number of adwords campaigns with many advertisers/companies.

And we have encountered a secret to optimize the adwords campaign. So what’s that?

Well you all know the most important part in any campaign to make long run depends on quality of keywords.

A good quality keyword list can do miracles to boost up your campaign and make you work like a pro. So, the most important thing a person planning to run a campaign should keep in mind is- Have a quality keyword list.

With this article we are going to reveal some of the keyword research tools that you might not know-

  1. Google Keyword Plannar

  2. ubersuggest


  4. Spyfu

  5. iSpionage

1.Google Keyword Planner:

This is one of the most used and popular tools which provides good list of keywords and the best part is it is a free tool and directly integrated with google with addition to this you can also use filters (like: targeted region, search volume, competition etc) so that you can get a keyword list according to your parameters.



Ubersuggest is another keyword tool which will help you to quickly brainstorm and find Keywords in your target niche that people are searching for.

It uses google suggests, and few other Keyword suggestion service for Keyword suggestions and you can search for Keyword suggestion based on your target market like Web, news, shopping, video and more.


This is the easiest tool for a blogger because unlike other tools where you need to add a seed keyword to get a list, here you just have to enter your url and you will get all of the keywords ranking at that site.

This makes it easier for you to sort long-tails and short-tail keywords.


SpyFu is one of the best SEO optimization software products on the market. It’s especially useful if you’re trying to analyze and stay ahead of the competition in a tight niche.


iSpionage has a complete list of AdWords keywords used by a competitor. With its keyword effectiveness filtering tool, it enables companies to find the most relevant and most effectual search words there are. Doing so lets them add another SEO keyword to their repertoire to expand their campaign’s search dimensions.

So, that’s all for today.

Follow the steps shown by our blogs and surely you will get great results on your campaigns. For more PPC tips and training.

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