What Is Bid And Budget In Adwords?

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How To Choose Budget And Bid In Google Ads(Adwords)?

Hey Folks!


I know you are ready to set up your campaigns on Google Ads and must be ready with your landing page, Your good list of recommended Google Adwords Keyword, A great designed Adcopy and with a negative keyword list.


But is that enough for a great conversions.


I Would say NO..

You are doing all the things right but what’s lacking in conversions.


Let’s Discuss How to Set Up Budget And Bid For Your Campaign


You must have heard these terms CPC Formula, Bidding Strategy And Budget Strategy


But how to use it? Is the question- Let’s start from the basics because in google ads everything is hidden in basics ( Trust me it’s a secret for amazing conversions)


Bidding Strategy-  

When you decide the amount you are willing to pay for a click for a particular keyword is called Bid. And when you calculate how much you should bid for a specific keyword according to the budget you are going to spend daily or say monthly is your Bidding strategy.


In another language, it is called CPC that is the cost per click.


When a user will search on a keyword you have used in your campaign list. let’s say- you have set up a bakery campaign and used keywords like bakery near me. If this keyword will show your ad and user clicks on it keyword will be charged according to the bid you have set.


There are 2 types of bid strategy:-


Manual or Auto Bid


Manual Bid is when you set the amount you want to spend on a keyword manually.

google ads bid and budget
manual bid adwords




And Auto Bid is managed by Google Ads(Adwords) System.

google ads bid and budget
autobid in adwords



Now the question is How to choose a bid for Keywords in your campaign?




The best way is to use Google Keyword Plannar. Here You can get estimated CPC for your Search Network Campaign.

Bid and Budget in adwords
Google Ads Keyword Planner


 here the cpc is clearly shown ranging between 2inr($0.0028) to 14inr($0.20).

This is the best way to get an idea of the bid for your keyword.

You can also Use:



Next is,


Budget Strategy-


Budget is the amount you are willing to pay in a month. It totally depends on how you want to see your ad on google page rankings or stand out from the competition.


But According to my analysis, you should start with a low budget. Around $10(710inr)- $30(2100inr) for the start and then increase it gradually once you receive traffic.

The Most important and key points to make your campaign valuable is-


  • Keep an eye on your campaign regularly.


  • See what Average CPC you are getting.


  • How much budget gave you quality traffic.


  • Beginner Should start with Manual Bid and Low Budget.

So, This is it.

If you are interested AdWords learner and want to know more about it.


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