Is Google Call Only Ads Dead? New Policy.

If you are an affiliate market / digital marketer like me and using google ads (Adwords) platform for running Call Only Ads then you must be familiar with the latest news that google ads team launched in November.

The news was about policy changes in Call Only Ads.


Here is what the news reads:

Google Call Only Ads Policy Update : courtesy google ads

So does that mean Google Call Only Ads is dead?


What changes will it bring to future on Lead Gen?


Let’s Discuss.


Now, let me explain the above news in detail for better understanding.


There are 2 updates so let us discuss one by one.


Explanation for Update 1:


When you create a new call only ads in google ads (Adwords), It asks to mention your business name to ensure the caller that whom he/she is calling to.


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What some of the affiliates/publishers were doing that they just put some generic name as their business name. For example : If someone is running call only ads for Pest Control and targeting New York so most of the time the business name they used to put was like Pest Control New York or NYC Pest Control.


From now, this kind of business name in Google Call Only Ads will not be allowed and will get disapproved.

Now let’s see what does the second point says.


Explanation for Update 2 :


70% of you who are running Call Only Ads on Adwords must be driving calls to some Affiliate Network’s TFN.

While some of you must be driving the calls to your own businesses.


Well according to the second point, the person who attends the call when someone is coming from your Call Only Ad must mention the business name as advertised on ads while answering.


For eg : If my business name is New Age Pest Control, then the person who attends the call must say “Hello, This is New Age Pest Control”.


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So, There’s nothing to worry for those who are advertising their own business on Adwords Call Only Ads.


But for those who are running ads for some affiliate networks must need to think. You should talk to your AM and discuss what kind of changes you need to make.

Does that mean Pay Per Call / Call Only Ad is Officially Dead?


Well, I don’t think that’s the case. If you are advertising on Google Ads for lead generation for some affiliate networks then you need not to worry as you can still continue is generating leads.


Just switch yourself from Call Only Ads to Text Ads with Call Extensions.


Making Text Ads with Call extension will be a safer option and will eventually give you a lower CPC (Cost Per Click).


If you like to know How To Setup Text Ads With Call Extensions then comment below, I will write next post for the same.


Hope you liked the article. Keep reading, Keep Sharing and Happy Earnings 🙂

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