5 Minutes Adwords | How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

5 Minutes Adwords | How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

Adwords keeps changing its interface and as if it was not enough, they changed their name too (now it’s called Google Ads.). Recently there were many changes made in Google Adwords and for those who were familiar with old Google Adwords interface find it quite difficult to create call only ads in new Adwords interface.

Google is considered as the best source of traffic whether it is organic or paid and Call Only Ads feature of Google Adwords is the best source of lead generation. People often use Google Call only ads for Pay Per Call Marketing and Lead Generation.

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Let’s see How To Create Call Only Ads in new Adwords interface. (Quickly In 5 Minutes)

  1. Got To Google Ads Account Interface:

This is how your Google Ads interface will look like.

How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

2. How To Create Call Only Ads Campaign In Google Ads:

For creating a call only ads, at the left panel of your google ads interface:

  • Hit the +(plus sign) and select New Campaign

How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

3. Select the goal of your google ads campaign:

As I mentioned earlier that people often use Google Call Only Ads for Lead generation and pay per call marketing. So, For a successful call only ad google asks us to select our campaign goal.

The campaign goal is what you exactly want to achieve with your Google Call Only Ads Campaign. In our case, we are focused on generating the calls,

So, We’ll select “Leads” as our campaign goal.

How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

4. Select A Campaign Type:

Campaign types determine where customers see your ads. In our case we are making the call only ads hence we want our ads to be shown on the google search page.

So, We’ll select “Search” in Campaign Type

How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

5. Select the ways you'd like to reach your goal:

Based on our campaign goal and type, Google will now ask us how we want our customer to connect with us.

  • If I have a product to sell on my website then I will choose Website Traffic

  • If my goal is to bring customers to my shop’s address then I will select shop visits

  • If I want my users to download my apps then I will select App Download

    • Here in our case, We are focused on creating call only ads and hence we want users to call our business via number provided on google ads.

How I Create Call Only Ads In New Adwords 2019

6. Enter Your Campaign Name

7. In the Networks Section uncheck “Include Google Search Partners” as this will show your ads on Google search page only. If you like to show your ads on google partnered sites then you can check that box (not recommended though)

8. Choose your location setting.

If you want to advertise in a particular city, state, country, zip code etc, you can choose it from this section.

9. Select the Language setting: Select the language on the basis of our targeted location. Eg: If your targeted location is the USA then select English as your targeted language.

10. Daily Budget :

This will be the budget you would like to spend on a daily basis when you advertise on Google Ads. You can choose whatever daily budget suits best for you.

Keep rest setting as it is, or you may change them according to your campaign goals.

Eg: if you want to show your ads on some particular days and times then you can adjust setting in Ad Schedule section.

Enter keywords for you Google Call only ads:

At Setup Ad group you will see a dialogue box as shown below

Enter at least 10 keywords related to your business.

Create Your First Google Call Only Ads:

  • Click Ads & Extensions.

  • Click Ads.

  • Click the plus button and select Call-only ad.

  • Click Select an ad group to save your ad and choose which ad group you want.

  • Enter your business name:

Your business name should match your domain. Eg: If your domain name is www.adshotmedia.com then you must put your Business name as Adshot Media.

  • Enter your phone number:

Enter the same phone number that you entered during the first step of campaign creation. (Refer step 5).

  • Enter a description in “Description line 1”, “Description Line 2”,

Write effective descriptions with a call to action that describes your service/business.

  • Enter “Display URL,” and “Verification URL”.

What is verification URL in Google Call Only Ads?

Verification URL is the link that google bots will crawl to verify your advertised phone number. If they find the number on your verification URL then your ads will automatically get approved and if not then they will disapprove your ads.

Eg: If your display URL is www.mycompany.com and it also contains the number that you entered above then you can add this as your verification URL.

Also, if your homepage doesn’t have a phone number but a different page of your site has then it should be entered as verification URL.

Eg: if www.mycompany.com/mynumber is verification URL then /mynumber page of your website should contain the phone number.

    • Call reporting:

    Click On if you want to collect call data. For optimizing your campaign for better conversion it is recommended to keep Call Reporting On.

    Click Save new ad.

Pros Of Google Call Only Ads:

  1. Targeted Results:

Due to its uniques structure, Google Call only ads provide targeted and quick traffic to your business.

     2. A professional website is not required in Call only ads:

            Unlike google text ads in which a user is redirected to your website and that’s why a professional website is needed for better conversions, In call only ads when a user clicks you ad then he will be prompted to make a call to your business.

So there is no need of professional website in Google Call Only Ads.

   3. Best for small business/service providers.

        If you are a small business or a service provider then Adwords call only ads are really beneficial for you as you don't need a professional website to advertise your business on Google.

  4. Best for Lead Generation Business.

       Yes, Adwords call only ads is the best platform for Lead Generation business. There are many pay per call networks in the market for whom you can generate phone leads using Adwords Call Only Ads and make money online.

For Complete Guide On Pay Per Call Marketing, Read: Know Everything About Pay Per Call

Cons Of Google Adwords Call Only Ads:

  1. High CPC:

            We have seen that Adwords call only ads are highly targeted and fast but you might get a bit high Cost Per Click (CPC) as compared to text ads.

       But I don’t think this CON is as big as the PROS of Call Only Ads.

So this was our take on “How to create call only ads on new AdWords interface in 2019”, Hope you liked the article.

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