SOLVED: Getting clicks but no conversions on Google Ads Campaign in 2020.

SOLVED: Getting clicks but no conversions on Google Ads Campaign in 2020.

You recently made a marketing campaign for your business and started getting clicks, Nothing’s more pleasurable than this. Right?

But when you check your conversion report your pleasure turns into a sweat thinking “what kind of sorcery is this?”

Worry no more as today we’ll discuss and solve the issue of getting clicks but no conversions on your google ads campaign.

Factors that affect conversions.

Customer Targeting.

Are you targeting the right customers?
Because it can be the major reason why you only get clicks but no conversions. Targeting the right customers based on your product plays a vital role.

Value and Solution.

Are you providing any value or solving any problem with your product?
Because a customer is more likely to get converted if he gets the solution to his problem he came to your website searching for.

Eg: Let’s say a user is searching for a local carpet cleaning service and lands on your website. If your content is crystal clear and focused on providing the carpet cleaning solution with a visible Call To Action then the user is most likely to take action on your website.

But, If your website’s content is not focused enough and having too broad data then chances are that the user will bounce.

So let’s discuss some key factors by which you can boost the conversion rate of your PPC Campaign


KLA: Keywords Landing Page Ad Copy

Getting clicks but no conversions on Google Ads Campaign in 2020.

Now let me explain how this theory can help you solve your problem of getting clicks but no conversions.

  1. Keywords

The type of keywords you chose in your campaign directly affects the performance of your PPC campaign.

If I say keywords are the SOUL of any campaign then it won’t be wrong too (at least I believe so).

Keywords help you to showcase your ads in front of the targeted customer on the basis of their interest in the product.

So, choosing buyer-centric and targeted keywords will surely help you in solving the problem of getting clicks but no conversions.

2. Landing Page

A landing page is a page where a user will land after clicking your ad.

Make sure the keywords you use in your Google Ads Campaign are present on your Landing page too.

Why’s that important?

If a user is looking for a carpet cleaning service and sees your ad (because you have carpet cleaning service as one of the keywords) and lands on your Landing Page.

Now if he doesn’t find the content of your Landing page related to the query he typed or the solution he is looking for then he will not take any action on your site and that’s how the click will not be the conversion.

So, the content of your landing page should be related to the keywords you chose in your campaign.

Design Of the Landing Page:

Good content alone doesn’t make a great Landing page, it should also have a professional, clean and responsive design with a clear call to action.

Make sure your call to action is visible in the above fold of your Landing Page in the Hero Section.

Below is the example of our website, here you can see that we have used a clear Call To Action in the above fold of the page.

SOLVED: Getting clicks but no conversions on Google Ads Campaign in 2020.

3. Ad Copy.

If your ads generate no leads, the first port of call is your ad creative. The problem may simply be that your ad is not interesting or attractive to your target audience. If they don’t like the look of your ad, they will have doubts about continuing down your funnel.

Make sure your Ad also contain the keywords that you are using in your campaign.

In this way, your Keywords Landing Page and Ad copy will be related to each other and hence it will help you increase the Ad Relevancy, Quality score and hence help you get lower Cost Per Click.

Keep the following factors in mind before designing your Ad Copy.

What does your product/service do?
Who are your potential customers?
What value can you offer?
What makes your advertisement different?

Your ad should make a promise to potential customers that you can deliver the solutions they need. This promise should be clear, concise, and compelling so that it drives quality traffic to your landing page.

Quick Overview:

In order to solve the issue of getting only clicks on your ads but not getting conversions, you must choose your keyword wisely, Make your landing page clean, deliver a clear message, provide a solution and have a call to action. Make your ad copy as relevant as possible with respect to your keywords and Landing page.

Hope this post helped you.

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