Google Adwords New Update

Google Adwords is always up with some exciting and new updates. Check Out what’s there in the bag of adwords this time.

You have definitely noticed a new peach colored notification at the top of adwords page saying

“AdWords will soon be Google Ads. The product experience will be updated to reflect our new name starting July 24, 2018.”

What is this?

Actually On 24th July adword is planning to rebrand itself with changed name and logo, It’s changing from Google Adwords to Google Ads.

The new Google Ads will not affect  campaigns available today. it will have the same full range of campaign types available, including Search, Display and Video.

The new Google will have the new logo representing Google Ads in place of Google Adwords.

What’s changing?

Starting July 24, 2018, you will begin to see the new Google Ads brand—including the new name and logo—reflected in the product interface, Help Center, billing documents, and more.

The URL you use to access your account will be changing from to, and the Help Center will change from to

Changes to the Google Ads branding will not impact your campaign performance, navigation, or reporting.

Stronger Collaboration with Google Marketing Platform

DoubleClick advertiser products and the Google Analytics 360 Suite under a single brand- Google Marketing Platform

This new update came about few weeks ago with idea of using ads and analytic technology together for the benefit of marketers, including a better understanding of customers and better business results.

Google Marketing Platform helps marketers achieve their goals by building on existing integrations between the Google Analytics 360 Suite and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

Let's make it simple-  Just like its name implies Google Marketing Platform it is purely related to a platform where there is some advancement in marketing tools for the marketers.

 It has become a single place for the marketers to get the details of customer experience with marketers like either the customers are thinking about buying or they are ready to purchase it. The real time data of the audience's response for the product has made the marketers first job easy that is they have the got idea of priorty of the customers


The below two products will altogether form Google Marketing Platform-

DoubleClick advertiser product by Google offers technology products and services that are sold primarily to advertising agencies and media companies to allow clients to traffic, target, deliver, and report on their interactive advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics 360 Suite is a data management platform announced on 15 March 2015 by Google. It provides analytical data which companies can use to track ROI and marketing indicators. There are five main products in the suite: Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio, and Surveys.

Digital World is very large and full of information. if you are a marketer and planning to promote your product expecting good return. It is important to choose everything wisely including daily budget on your campaign, The right search terms, meaningful Adtext, an attractive and informative description etc.

And these updates adwords bringing will help your business grow even more than before. So, always keep a check on such updates with us. Adshot Media updates itself with many things which will help you in your adword campaigns.

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