How To Add Business On Google Maps In 2019 (Using Google My Business)

You must be curious to know how you can add business on Google Maps.

Google Maps is the best platform to add your business to get more traffic and build trust.

Recently we used Google My Business to very our business and got listed on Google Maps Listing and as an Online Business its a proud feeling.

So we thought to make a dedicated article on how you can add business on Google Maps Listing using Google My Business.

The first place where people search you is Google and that’s how they trust you and your business. If you are visible on Google or Google maps then only people will trust you.So let us tell you today :

How you can verify business by adding it to Google Maps Listing.

  1. Go To Google My Business.

To add business on Google Maps Simply go to Google My Business and at top right corner sign in with your google account.This is the first step to verify your business and add business on Google Maps.

2. Enter the name of your business that you want to add on Google Maps.

At this page Google asks you to enter your business name. So, simply enter your Business Name and go to next step.This is the second step in order to verify your business on google maps to get listing. Eg: Our business name is AdShot Media so we put AdShot Media as business name in order to verify it on google maps.

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3. Enter Your Business’s Physical Location.

In this section, you will have to enter you official business location. In order to add business on google maps it’s important to add your real business location as Google will send you a verification code by mail on this address.

If someone searches your business on google then this address will be shown by google in their search results. Google verifies your business location by sending a physical mail to your address and once you receive the verification code, you are supposed to enter the code in Google My Business. (Point 5 will tell you more about final steps to verify business on google maps)

4. Enter Your Business Category.

Now in this step Google asks about your business category or what kind of business you run.

In our case we mentioned “Internet Marketing Service”.

Similarly, if your business sells "Cupcakes" then you business category will be "Bakery".

Now, if someone searches on google like "bakery near me" then google will show your business in their results and on google maps.

This will increase the visitors on your business and will build trust as your business is verified and listed on google maps.

Google My Business is magical. Isn't it? Now,

Lets move forward and see our next step to verify our business on google maps


5. Make connection by entering your phone number and website.

 This is optional but we recommend entering your phone number and website as this will help you reach to your customers more easily and your customers will be able connect with you regarding your business. Make a professional website for your business and then mention it in this section.

Eg: See our website here on AdShotMedia

You can either higher a web developer or create a wordpress site yourself.

Or, if you don't want to do any of the above things then you can also use Google My Business to create a free business site. We'll post a dedicated blog on "How to create free website on Google My Business to verify your business on google"

Now, let's move to our next step and see what else is left in the process of “add business on google maps.”


6. You are done !


Congrats ! You have done 99% of job now as you are really close to get your business added on google maps.


7. Verify your Business for Google Maps listing. (Crucial Part)


This is very important step as by doing this you will get your business verified and listed on Google Maps.


Google will ask you to get your business verified by receiving a verification code on your address.


So, enter your Name and Business Address (Same as step 3.)


Great ! Now you will receive the code within 12 days. Follow the instruction given there and you business will be listed on maps.

Once you entered the code successfully on Google My Business, google will verify the entered code and within few minutes your business will get listed on Google Maps.

So, that’s all for today.

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