What are negative keywords and why are they used

What Are Negative Keywords And Why Are They Used?

Negative Keywords are the filtered keywords which keeps your ad safe from the searches which are not useful for your ads. Google Adwords is the most profitable platform to Make Money Online and To run a campaign on Google Adwords requires lots of efforts. Targeted keywords are easy to find but building a list of Negative Keyword is quite a time taking process.


Keyword Research requires lots of patience and time. There are many good Keyword Research Tools to help you with a list of quality keywords which can lead to high conversion.


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But Do you know that in spite of building a targeted keyword list your ads are displayed to many irrelevant search terms decreasing your audience and conversion?

So, How to Solve this? Is hidden here-What are Negative Keywords In Adwords and Why are they used

Firstly, let’s see what are the pains you are going to suffer if you don’t use Negative keywords In Your Google Adwords Campaign-   


1. Wastage of Daily Budget- That means your Ad may get clicked by the user who never wanted to come to your ad. Let’s see what are negative keywords been used in different types of Google Adwords campaigns.


For eg. If you are advertising Plumbing service on google ads and you just can provide limited services related to plumbing and using keywords like Plumbing service, Plumbers near you, Plumbing in my area in Broad match/Phrase Match. And you don’t provide installation service. That means you don’t want those users(who are looking for sink installation, shower installation etc)  to come to your ad.

So, what you will do then.


Yeah! I know you got my point. You will Put that Installation keyword in your negative list.

2.  Irrelevant Traffic- If you are planning to build a list of targeted audience, It is unworkable without negative keywords which will lead to irrelevant traffic because you are just focussing on what to search but not understanding the importance of what are negative keywords benefits for your Google Adwords conversions.


3. Less Conversion- If you are serious about earning online and using google adwords for PPC. I am sure you know the direct connection of Negative Keywords and Conversion. Or if you have just started with Google Adwords and want to know what are negative keyword then this article will help you in building your negative keywords list in adwords.


That means, Better your NEGATIVE KEYWORDS list - More Awesome your CONVERSIONS.

What are Negative Keywords

I know, till now you all have understood What are negative keywords and Why are they used. Now it’s time to see How to build Negative Keywords.


  • Understand your niche/business


  • List out services which you don’t offer


eg. If you are a plumber and only provide plumbing services related to maintenance and repair but don’t provide installation and not a supplier than put installation and supplier in the negative keyword list.

Similarly you can think about other services that you are not providing and decide what are negative keywords for your Google Adwords campaign.


  • Use some universal negative keywords.


  • Like Why, What, How, When because if someone is using these search terms for eg. How does plumber works, What are plumbers etc. that means they are just curious to know. They don’t want your service in an emergency.

  • Remember to keep few keywords in Phrase Match instead of Broad Match


Example: If your search term is showing that your ad got clicks on a term Toilet Cleaning DIY


That’s for sure not profitable for you. So, what you are supposed to do now? You cannot keep whole sentence as it is in your negative list. Because if Toilet cleaning is in your keyword list(positive list)  than putting Toilet Cleaning DIY will contradict with your keyword (if using broad match)


So better you keep the whole term in phrase match in your negative keyword list

So in this case what are negative keywords for you?

You get 2 negative keywords- One is “Toilet Cleaning DIY” and another is DIY(Broadmatch)

  • Download Search terms from your google adwords campaign and then shortlist which keywords are good to go with your campaigns and which are irrelevant,

In other words, just filter out what are your positive keywords and what are negative keywords.


After reading the above article I am sure you are 80% ready to create a perfect Google Ads Campaign.


And in 20% what requires is your patience to watch out your Google Ads Campaign on regular basis and keep an eye on your Google Ads dashboard for filtering out what are negative keywords you getting.


There are few more things you should read to know How To Build Negative Keyword List According To Your Niche?

There are several niches in market and each campaign will have different keyword list as well as different negative keyword list(including some same universal keywords)


First let me share what are Negative Keywords (Common)  You should definitely use:-


What are negative keywords












There can be many terms you can collect by your own knowledge.


Now, How To Build Your Negative Keyword List according To Your Niche.



When you advertise your plumbers business on Google Ads (Adwords) then you can take out keywords like “plumbers union”  “Plumbers job” “Plumbers license”  and put then in Negative Keywords List


*I have mentioned these with a case, That you are not providing these services so that you can put these keywords. Therefore, You have to accordingly see what your business is. And what you provide or what you don’t provide.


Pest Control Services- Pest services includes many things like ant, spider, cockroaches, rats, snakes, mice etc


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So, filter out how many services you don’t provide and build your negative keywords


Like if you don’t provide rat control, snakes control etc then put these in negative keyword


The another thing i would like to add here is you can also use keywords


Eg- Sprays, repellent, DIY Sprays etc.


Building a Negative Keyword list is not very difficult neither it’s easy. Here, Why I am saying this is because you have to give a lot of time and keep patience.


Keeping an eye on  your search terms, taking the odd ones out from them, dividing positive and negative terms carefully (your positive keyword in negative list can become a barrier in your conversion and vice-versa) are the things you will always need.


That is why I have emphasized on What are Negative keywords role in conversion because you want to have a campaign which gives you good ROI. And that’s not possible without a Negative Keyword List.


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