What is Affiliate Marketing- Know Everything About It.

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I know you have heard this term affiliate marketing?


And surely you have hover at many pages on internet to get a complete idea about affiliate marketing.


Then trust me you are on right place.


And at the end of this post you will get all the answers by your own.


So without any delay let’s hop on to the main points.


Firstly, Let me start with the most known term -




An advertiser is the one who sells products/service online.


An affiliate is a person who’s registered in an affiliate network or works with an affiliate program.

They use its tools and send traffic to the advertiser’s offer.When users click the offer and perform an action (which may be a subscription, sale, install or even just a visit), the affiliate gets paid by the advertiser.


Affiliate Marketing Network-

It’s an intermediary between a publisher(affiliates) and advertisers(offer owners).

It helps both advertiser and publisher. On one hand it provides all kind of best offers from all over the world to the publisher  and on other hand it helps to get a valuable and immense amount of traffic to their offer from all variety of sources.

And with addition to it the affiliate network also drops a tracking cookie into the buyer’s browser when they visit an advertisers website as a result of clicking an affiliate link on the affiliate’s website.


When you say “vertical”, you are referring to the broad area that you work in or in simple language it is group of offers divided by category.

What Are Fastest Growing Verticals-

  • Local Offers - location, location, location.

  • Pay Per Call - the ability to track and convert from online to offline calls.

  • Mobile Offers - somewhat related to local offers, but the explosion of smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc) is making affiliates pay attention to this space.

  • Offers Related to Social Distribution - Dating, Biz-Ops, Games/Social Games, E-Cigarettes, Weight-Loss, etc.


Why Affiliate Marketing Is A Good Option For Advertisers?

Imagine you are an advertiser and you want to promote your product or service online. So, How do you think you can get audiences interested in your product? Or paying only when you get results is an affordable way limiting your budget in promotion.

Affiliate marketing is a smart platform where you can get millions of targeted audience to your product making it popular in very short span of time.


So that’s all for today. I just wanted to give a basic introduction about affiliate marketing And hope I have covered all the points to understand what is affiliate marketing. So, Next time when your friend asks you what an affiliate do? You are all set to answer them.

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