What is MCC account and How to set it?

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What is an MCC adwords account?


If  you own a company or an agency and you manage several multiple accounts. You can understand the stress you have while keeping record of multiple accounts whether its login details, budget track, modifications you want to do in your accounts, or whether its budget limitation while creating different google ads account for yourself or for your client.


So, What’s the better solution...


Adwords MCC is the answer. MCC stands for “My Client Center” which is an AdWords account type for advertisers or agencies who are managing multiple client accounts.

It’s not an upgrade of your google ads account but it’s entirely different account you create.


The Google My Client Center account, allows agencies to access multiple AdWords accounts through a single log-in.

The benefits you get if you create an mcc account is-


  • When you sign up for mcc accounts You can create a Manager account and under that you can create.several clients account.


  • These accounts can be named anything according to your wish.


  • Each account has its own budget limit. So, if your one client account runs out from monthly budget your whole account will not stop but still there are few things you need to know for which you can skype us  sakk.shri287 or imankit213


Here’s how to create a manager account:

  1. Visit https://ads.google.com/home/tools/manager-accounts/ and click Start Now

  2. Enter the email address you want to use for this account. The email address must not already be used to sign in to other AdWords accounts. (Get tips for creating new email addresses).

  3. Give your manager account a name. This is the name that your clients will see in their managed account.

  4. Choose how you plan to use the account, either as an account to manage your own multiple AdWords accounts, or to manage other people’s accounts.

  5. Select your country and time zone. This time zone will be used for your account reporting and billing and can’t be changed. You might want to choose the time zone you work in.

  6. Select a permanent currency for your account. This selection will associate your manager account with an appropriate currency for any specific billing needs for your account (e.g. Manager Defined Spend). You might want to choose the currency in which you do business. Your client accounts will be billed in their individual chosen currencies.

  7. Check the box to accept the rules of use and click Save and continue.

  8. Once your email is verified, your new manager account is active!


Linking an Existing AdWords Account:

  1. Log into your Google ads MCC.

  2. Click Google Ads in the left hand menu to ensure you are at the top level of your MCC.

  3. Click the blue plus button

  4. Choose "Link existing accounts."

5. Enter the AdWords account's Customer ID number in the client accounts field. To link multiple accounts at once, enter one Customer ID per line.

6. Click Send Request.

7. When you click Send Request, the AdWords account you added will receive an account notification and email that invites them to link to your account. Any user with administrative access on the invited account can accept your invitation by clicking the gear icon.

8. Once the invitation is accepted, you will be able to see the account in your MCC


There is nothing enough if you are an affiliate marketer and using adwords on regular basis. Like a famous saying- “Nothing is permanent” same goes for adwords 🙂 its keep on updating for a better user experience.


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